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Our platform is your comprehensive guide to understanding colorimetry’s transformative impact on reading difficulties, especially for children with dyslexia. Our skilled optometrists specialise in delivering the benefits of colour overlays and tinted lenses, paving the way for improved reading comfort and comprehension. Discover the world of colorimetry, a realm where hues unlock clearer paths to learning. Don’t miss the opportunity to explore our expertise and book a consultation tailored to your child’s unique needs, ensuring a brighter and more enjoyable reading journey.

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What is Visual Stress?

Imagine your child diving into the world of reading with newfound enthusiasm and ease. At times, the journey to becoming a confident reader might encounter a roadblock known as visual stress. This challenge can cast shadows on their reading journey, causing discomfort and even distortions in the text they encounter.

Visual stress isn’t just a term; it’s an experience some children face when reading becomes a struggle. From subtle fatigue to more noticeable difficulties, its effects can vary. Imagine letters wiggling or appearing blurry, patterns dancing across the page, or even unexpected halos of colour around words.

Does your child encounter any of these signs while reading?

  • Does the text seem to move?
  • Do letters change shape or size?
  • Are there unusual patterns on the page?
  • Have they mentioned discomfort or headaches?
  • Is reading tiring them out too quickly?

Visual stress is like a hidden puzzle piece that might go unnoticed. Many children who find reading challenging may actually be experiencing visual stress unknowingly. But don’t worry, because we’re here to shine a light on this and empower your child to read with comfort and confidence. Stay with us to uncover the world of colorimetry and how it can make your child’s reading journey brighter and more enjoyable.

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How can colour help my child?

Imagine a world where reading becomes a joyful journey for your child, where text no longer causes discomfort but instead invites exploration. In certain cases, this transformation can be achieved through the magic of colored filters – like a vibrant overlay placed over text or a pair of spectacles adorned with tinted lenses. It’s like discovering a palette of possibilities!

The Intuitive Colorimeter™, with its vast spectrum of colour combinations, stands ready to usher in relief for visual stress symptoms.

When the road to reading becomes challenging, the first step is crucial: connecting with an optometrist. A primary eye examination, absolutely free for school-age children under NHS provision, ensures any refractive errors are addressed. This paves the way for targeted solutions to emerge.

Post eye examination, the practitioner can embark on the assessment for visual stress. Here, a simple but powerful tool, the overlay, may come into play.

While coloured overlays work wonders for book reading, precision tinted lenses take the spotlight when it comes to copying from boards, other books, or catering to those who are light-sensitive. No more headaches or eye strain, just seamless reading.

Unveiling visual stress is a turning point, opening the door to a world of relief. Precision tinted lenses, prescribed by the practitioner, might be the long-term solution. From enhancing reading performance to transforming overall quality of life, these lenses hold the potential to rewrite your child’s reading journey.

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Visual Stress & Dyslexia

Imagine stepping into a world where we decode the mystery of two challenges your child might be facing – visual stress and dyslexia. They’re like characters in a story, each with their own plot, but their stories intertwine in a way that’s important to know.

Dyslexia, a puzzle with lots of pieces, is about how kids process words and sounds. One piece of this puzzle, called phonological awareness, doesn’t change much with special glasses or treatments. But here’s where it gets interesting: Sometimes, kids dealing with dyslexia also have a friend named visual stress. It’s like a bonus challenge that can make reading even trickier.

About 20% of kids with dyslexia might also experience visual stress. The good news is that using colours might help ease the challenges from both these friends – like a magic tool that makes reading more comfortable.

In this adventure, visual stress and dyslexia are like buddies on a journey. With the help of our specialist optometrists, we can unlock ways to make reading easier and more enjoyable for your child. It’s all about understanding these friends and finding the right solutions for your young reader.

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